Monday, July 17, 2006

The Sixth Alarm of the Day Sounds in Haifa

We're huddled in the hallway again after hearing another alarm sound. My roommate and I are anticipating the booms.
Still haven't heard any... it might be a false alarm, like the one at 5:55 AM.
A couple of minutes later, and I still haven't heard any katyushot land. At this point I'm assuming it was a false alarm.
My roommate and I are considering arranging some camping mattresses in the hallway and sleeping here tonight instead of being caught asleep in our beds.
The cat, Inch, is here as well, eating Bissli with me. One of the reasons my roommate doesn't want to go into a bomb shelter is because of Inch - she probably wouldn't be allowed in.


Anonymous said...

That pic of your notebook explains how you're posting despite the sirens. It actually made me chuckle. Not because it's really funny, but because laughing is a reflexive defense mechanism to break the tension of a surreally ubsurd situation.

As far as the cat goes, unlike dogs they're quite resilient when left to their own devices for a few days. Just put out some food and water for the kitty and drag your roommate down to the shelter.

Amos said...

Yah, that cat was just chilling when the katyushot were landing on Sunday.