Friday, July 21, 2006

Missiles Fall Too Close for Comfort

I was at the shuq when Carmia called me, and she asked me to put up her post (she had been able to save it as a draft just before her cable burnt). This time she heard four rockets (at least this was true when we last spoke), but apparently seven fell in total, and they fell too close. I cannot divulge the details, but they seem to have landed in a nieghborhood that is a stone's throw away from hers, hitting a postal office. Our friend Rami, a Christian Arab from Haifa who is here in Tel Aviv with me now, lives in that neighborhood. This time, I really thank God that everything is okay, and I, too, am becoming afraid. She and her boyfriend are leaving Haifa soon. Shortly after I got Carmia's phone call, rumors were spreading among the vendors about the number of dead. "Oy oy oy," I heard one man exclaim, "more rockets on Haifa."

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Anonymous said...

What are people doing to fight against the Israeli government and their war mongering? Where is the peace movement?