Saturday, July 22, 2006

Many Sirens Heard in Haifa Today

My friend Zakhi, who also reported this in the comments section, informed me that there have already been about eight sirens up until now. According to news reports, missiles have hit Haifa but landed in open fields.


Halla said...

Thank God they are not hitting anything!
Carmia, it would be interesting to make a post about how Jews/Arabs or Arabs/Jews get along in Haifa. I have said for years since I left in '68 that Haifa is the model city of both sides living and working together in harmony. Whenever I am around family there, there sentences are mixed up with arabic & hebrew. Its natural.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“The Forward”, a leading Yiddish-language US newspaper has an interesting article in its latest issue praising “Saudi Arabia’s strong support in the war against Lebanese terrorism” [sic].

This “new friendship” bringing together bloodthirsty Bin-Ladenites and other Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalist thugs and rightwing Israeli fascists should come as no surprise to those who know the history of the Middle-East, and the profound influence ancient Jewish Sicarism always had on Saudi Arabian culture and civilization.

But I’m sure the Saudi government will eventually meet the retribution it deserves, for, as Winston Churchill famously said:

"They've been given a choice between dishonor and war. They've chosen dishonor and they shall have war."

Anonymous said...

"Dr Victorino de la Vega" -- had a look at your blog. The only thing I see missing on your web site is a denial of the holocaust. Oh, and I couldn't find the "moon landing hoax" page. I am sure it was an oversite on my part. May I suggest medication or perhaps that's the problem? Enjoy

Anonymous said...

victorino de la vega is clearly off his perch, and most certainly not deserving of the title 'dr.' a thorough lack of cogent analysis and a clearly partisan, polemical style, parroting the line of every israel hater, renders his posts a pathetic joke.
carmia and co., i have followed your posts since the birth of your blog - yours is a dangerous procrastinative tool for a grad student - and you never fail to impress w your insightful and coherent views (take note vega). take care, stay safe, and hold the fort until my return...aussieatbrown.

Anonymous said...


Thought this quote was excellent. You can read the rest here

"Even though Israel, unlike Hezbollah, is delivering repeated warnings to those civilians in advance of its attacks in order to minimise the loss of innocent life whereas the aim of Hezbollah and Hamas is to maximise their murder rate, it is Israel, not Hamas and Hezbollah, which stands condemned in too much of Britain - and as this war grinds on and the casualty rate in Lebanon mounts, such condemnation will surely only increase.

"It is Israel, the target of annihilatory attack, which is seen as the guilty party. It is Israel, struggling to defend itself - which it may well not succeed in doing - (so much for its supposedly mythic power, one of the principal motifs of anti-Israel feeling) which is being demonised as brutal and violent, overreacting and at fault. It is Hezbollah which has hidden its rockets in the basements of Lebanon's apartment buildings, thus using the population of Lebanon as a collective human shield (as Hamas has done in Gaza) behind which it can pursue its murderous purpose against Israel. But it is Israel which is blamed for razing the `Paris of the Levant'."

delana said...

carmia, it suprises me(or maybe not)how many people respond to a blog and talk about things, that have nothing to do with your post. is it just me. maybe its time to go back to work.