Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today Isn't Going to be a Quiet Day, Either

I decided to check on my neighbour. She is the live-in caretaker of an elderly lady. Before the katyushas, we used to talk outside every so often because she takes out her employer's dog. But now, with me hardly going outside, I hadn't seen her in days.
I went downstairs to the next building and knocked on her door. She was glad to see me, and so was the dog. For the first time, we chatted inside the apartment. I asked her how she's holding up. She said she feels okay but her family back home in the Philippines is very worried. Her husband has started calling her everyday.
She also asked me to translate some Hebrew documents for her. The sirens started wailing in the middle. My neighbour stayed completely calm, but the dog went to hide under the coffee table. Some explosions, and we continued figuring out the Israeli bureaucracy. After about fifteen minutes, there were more sirens and more explosions. None of them sounded close, though.
There have been a scattering of exploding sounds throughout the day. The total number of sirens heard in Haifa today up until now is five. It's the fourth day like this. There's no work, most businesses are closed, and there's no mail delivery, either.

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