Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Katyushas Rain Down on Nahariya

Many Israelis in the North will be spending
the night in shelters such as this one

As usual, the Lebanese government declined to take responsibility for the terrorist groups operating comfortably from within its borders. Israel has finally decided to take the country to task by establishing a new strategic framework, in which Lebanese as well as Hizbullah infrastructure is targeted in response to attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers. This morning, Hizbullah flexed its muscle, firing over fifty Katyusha rockets (of the type "Grad"), some of which hit the northern city of Nahariyah. Train service to the town has been halted. One woman was killed, and 8 people were injured in the strike which hit a house. More to follow. See the coverage in Ha'aretz.

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Carmia said...

I just spoke to my Nahariyan landlord. The family spent the whole night in a bunker. Now they're on the way to central Israel, to stay with his brother and escape the Katushyot.