Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hearing Explosions in the Background

(New Day, Same Hallway)

I just heard three powerful explosions in the background. I continued sitting in t
Okay sorry
I'm hearing explosions and I ran to the hallway to take cover. The siren came only after three explosions landed. They're still wailing. I wish I could tape this sound but I'm technologically challenged.
I'm a bit worried about my roommate, he decided to take his car and go to his friend's house, they're studying for exams which were supposed to be now. Okay, he just called me on the landline. He's okay. He's already arrived at his friend's house.
So, five explosions which sounded pretty close. There's this "game" we play - every time after an explosion, all of my Haifan friends get in touch with one another on MSN messenger or by landline. We talk about how loud the sound was for us and from which direction it came and try to figure out based on comparing the location of our neighbourhoods where the missiles actually hit. We never actually know if we're right because the locations aren't revealed in the news so that Hizbollah can't improve their aim based on them.
I'm still in the hallway. I'll wait a few more minutes before I go back to the living room. Okay, I'm hearing ambulances pass my house. The TV, which I can hear from here, still hasn't interrupted its regular broadcast to update us. There's some children's show on.

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