Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Are You Open?

Because we were running out of bread and some other basics, I decided to go to the supermarket (and I was glad for the excuse to leave the apartment). I hadn't been outside for the past three days except for a dash to the grocery store on Sunday.
Well, it was really quiet outside, though there were some people on the streets. Many of them had either just come from the supermarket, carrying plastic bags, while others no doubt were on their way. There's also the odd camera man and reporter that pounce on these people to ask them what it's like to be outside.
The businesses which are open are some of the falafel stands, the bakery, the supermarkets, the pharmacy, and interestingly enough, the booth that sells lottery tickets! Closed remain the clothing shops, the cafes, restaurants, the pet shop, banks, book shops, the video store, opticians, and basically everything else except that I mentioned as open. It's pretty sad to see the city centre so empty and dead.
On my way back home, the sirens started sounding. Some people panicked and started running for the shelters. I tried to stay close to the walls as I made my way home. I didn't hear any missiles fall.
Now that I'm back home, I'm watching the news and they confirmed that it was a false alarm.

An addition: on the news, they just mentioned that missiles landed in Nahariyah (north of here), which is why our sirens also sounded.

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